Youth Program Support Elements

Youth Program Support Elements

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PPDC expects every child to be present and engaged every day. Instructors supervise the daily behavior of students and hold each young person to the highest conduct standard. Attendance and behavior is monitored daily.

The majority of students at PPDC participate in the free lunch program at their schools. In order for students to be engaged learners, we know they must be healthy. Peter Paul students are served a nutritious and filling meal every day after school as well as breakfast, snack, and lunch during Summer Promise. During the 2013-2014 school year, we served 16,879 balanced meals to the Peter Paul students, senior citizens, and students participating in Church Hill Academy (which rented space from Peter Paul during the school year).

Students need to be present in order to learn. PPDC provides free transportation from school (or home during the summer) to PPDC and then to individual student homes every evening.

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