Our Results

Our Results

PPDC.Youth Program.kids getting off the busThe flagship program of Peter Paul Development Center (PPDC) is the Youth Program, which is comprised of the After School Learning Immersion Program and eight-week Summer Promise. The program is distinct because it requires daily attendance of every student, assesses students at least twice per year, and provides academic instruction and enrichment opportunities.

Short-term Youth Program outcomes include improved school attendance, improved attitudes towards learning, improved instructional readiness, fewer overall behavior problems, enhanced exposure to positive experiences, and enhanced involvement in healthy activities. Our long-term goal is for students to graduate from high school and be prepared for life after high school graduation—specifically higher education or career.

PPDC uses the Northwest Evaluation Association’s Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment to determine individual students’ academic skill levels and growth throughout the program. MAP is a computer-based test, which is adaptive in nature so that it can reasonably assess the student’s skill level. The test is aligned with the Common Core Standards and assesses students on one scale, with individual growth projections for each student. The table below indicates student progress from this past academic year and the recently completed eight-week Summer Promise.


A student’s individual growth projection is the average growth that was observed in the latest Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) norming study for students who had the same starting RIT (Rausch Interval Unit) scores in that particular subject. The growth projection was calculated using NWEA’s Growth Calculator. The calculator takes into account the amount of instructional weeks, which gives a more accurate growth projection of a student. In addition to the MAP assessment, Peter Paul Development Center benchmarks its Youth Program (After School and Summer Promise) on student promotion rate, attendance, and program retention rate.