Youth Program

Youth Program


In the Peter Paul Development Center (PPDC) neighborhood, the median household income is just Youth Program Website page_Imgunder $15,500 and nearly half of residents above age 25 have not completed high school or its equivalency. However, we believe that demographics
 should not define our students. Every single one of our students has potential waiting to be unlocked. And, with the right supports, all of these students can thrive. Children are not products of just their environment; they are products of our expectations. To that end, the PPDC programs set high expectations and surround students with the structure, love, safety, and instruction that they need to be successful.

Peter Paul Development Center’s flagship Youth Program helps students attain success in school and prepares them for a life after high school graduation. Our intensive, individualized programs supports East End students ages 7 to 18 (grades 2-12). We serve students through two components: the After School Learning Immersion Program and Summer Promise. Both components of the Youth Program have been intentionally designed not as drop-in programs, but ones with clear expectations of regular attendance, academic performance, and good behavior in school, at the Center, and in their community. In addition to the primary academic focus, students participate in enrichment activities, are fed healthy meals, and receive transportation to and from the Center and all activities.

nwea-logoTo assess our student’s progress, PPDC uses the Northwest Evaluation Association’s Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment. This nationally standardized test is aligned with Common Core Standards and aids our teachers making a plan to address student’s academic needs.

Youth Program Goals

  • Children will improve specific academic skills to work Youth Program Website page _imgtowards at-or above-grade-level achievement.
  • PPDC will achieve a significant retention rate in its students from year to year; daily attendance is expected.
  • PPDC parents will attend PPDC sponsored family engagement programs; students will participate in enrichment activities.